Our goal at The Healing Clinics, LLC is to be the premier specialty clinic for therapeutic cannabis in Louisiana.  As such, we promise the following:



  • To treat every patient with compassion and respect.
  • To stay up-to-date on therapeutic cannabis treatments.
  • To provide fact-based therapeutic cannabis information.
  • To provide a treatment plan that is personalized to each individual patient and their needs.
  • To inform patients when therapeutic cannabis is not appropriate or will not be beneficial to their treatment plan.
  • To charge reasonable fees for our services.

The physicians at The Healing Clinics, LLC treat patients from all walks of life and any of the qualifying conditions. From in-clinic treatment to hospice care, our patients know that their doctors will monitor their treatment with medical cannabis and they will receive professional, compassionate care from their physicians and the entire staff.

Whether you are currently in hospice, hospital, at home, or living in assisted living or nursing care, the physicians and staff at The Healing Clinics, LLC will guide you through the most effective use of medical marijuana as a part of your treatment plan.



Please visit Locations for more information.

If medical care is required when our office is closed, we request that you contact your regular doctor or call 911 if there is a medical emergency.


Unfortunately, insurance does not cover the types of services we provide.  We accept credit cards, debit cards, and cash or money orders.



Appointments are required  All in-person and phone consultations must be scheduled in advance.


We kindly request 48 hours notice to reschedule an appointment.  We collect a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit for all new patient consultations at the time the appointment is scheduled.  This deposit will be applied towards your consultation fee.


We do not refill medications without a doctor’s consultation.  We ask that you pay attention to your remaining doses of medication and schedule your refill appointment at least two (2) weeks in advance of needing a refill.


If you would like to include medical marijuana in your treatment plan, please view this page for details on what you need to qualify in Louisiana.