Ilera Holistic Health Announces Product Availability for Early 2020

While the Louisiana State Legislature puts industrial hemp licensing on the fastback, residents await the first delivery of medical marijuana from Ilera Holistic Healthcare and Southern University.

Southern University, one of only two state-sanctioned growers in Louisiana, planted the first seeds back in August 2019 and the first delivery is expected at Louisiana Medical Marijuana pharmacies by early 2020.

To prepare for the release of their medical marijuana products, the university’s Southern Institute for Medicinal Plants hosted a job fair in October 2019 to which hundreds of applications stood in line to apply. Ilera Holistic was hiring for nine positions: six cultivation technicians that will work directly with cannabis plants, two sales reps and a controller.

For patients with The Healing Clinics at any of their locations in Louisiana, this means that more product will be available soon and both growers will be in full production to supply all nine medical marijuana pharmacies. Though not confirmed, there is hope that prices will also be reduced once Southern and Ilera have completed their first product rollout.

For those who are interested to see if they qualify for medical marijuana treatment and have not completed the requirements to receive recommendations, please contact The Healing Clinic now to schedule your appointment or talk to your primary care doctor.